Ep. 010 - Authentic Parenting | Anna Seewald

Our guest today is Anna Seewald, M. Ed, a wife, a mom, an author, a speaker, a photographer, a podcaster, an educator, a lifelong learner and the founder of Authentic Parenting. Authentic Parenting is her business and podcast and it's all about parenting from the heart.

Anna lost her mother in a severe earthquake in Armenia in 1988 when she was only 13, and her father became her sole caregiver. She always had a great relationship with her father who was very emotional, encouraging, and understanding, but through this tragedy, they grew even closer.

Anna came to America when she was 27 with her father's full blessing, after receiving a scholarship from the U.S. State Department. Her father remains a supportive champion in her life to this day.

She described her father's parenting style as authentic and from him and through her studies and casework Anna developed her business and podcast, Authentic Parenting, where she is a divorce mediator who also teaches parenting classes, both selective and court-ordered.


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